Fact to know : how much e commerce companies in india earn during festival season?

E commerce is on a boom these days in india. E commerce is just expanding at an enormous rate.
Now a days e commerce companies in india are catering to all our daily requirements whether they are shoes,clothes, books,food,utensils,accessories and electronics. ecommerce in india 
Have you ever wondered how much e commerce industry earn during the festival season.
Have you ever thought what are the reasons behind their earning. Don’t worry today we are going to reveal these facts infront of you.( ecommerce in india )

E commerce business this year:-

According to our estimate this year is going to be a boom for e commerce. The festival season of India has now started. This festival season will last around 92 days in India from Navratri to New year.
Previous year the ecommerce business was around 20 thousand crore during festive season. This year it is expected that this amount will reach upto 25 thousand crore.

Why ecommerce will increase this year: (facts)

There are many reason behind this increase.  Some of the facts behind this huge increase are as follows:- ( e commerce companies in india )
  •       This year 7th pay commission has been passed so there will be more salary in the hands of government employee hence there will be more online buying.
  • this year government employee have also got their arier from January to july. (e commerce companies in india )
  • ·         Railway is going to give bonus to its employees.
  • ·         This year kharif crop’s yield is good  so there are more chances of profit and as well as online buying.
  • ·         More than 60% people areliking to buy online. (e commerce companies in india )

Occasions when online sale will be high for e commerce companies in india 

These are the occasions when online sale will be at its peak for e commerce companies in india 

Navratri :- 

 during these 9 days it is expected that business around 8000 crore will be made.
Items that will be bought during navratri :-
Electronics goods

(ecommerce in india )


Diwali is the festival of lights and during diwali days it is expected that business of around 12 thousand crore will be made in India.
Items to be bought online during diwali:- (ecommerce in india )
Gold –silver
And home items

Christmas and new year :- 

During these 8 days it is expected that sales upto 5000 crores will be made for e commerce companies in india 
Items to be bought online during these days:-
Winter wear
Party items (ecommerce in india )

this was our case study regarding the sale of commerce companies in india.

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